Firewall as a Service – Beyond the Next Generation Firewall

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Next Generation Firewalls and UTMs have been the cornerstone of network security for the past 20 years. Yet, deploying appliances at every remote office, creates multiple challenges for organizations: the capital needed to buy, upgrade and retire hardware solutions and the people required to configure, patch and manage them. IT teams are also seeing an increasing pressure to allow Direct Internet Access at branch locations, which is further driving the need to deploy distributed security solutions. Even when running smoothly, firewalls and UTMs still do not protect the mobile users and Cloud infrastructure that are now an integral part of the business

FWaaS, recently recognized by Gartner as a high impact emerging technology in Infrastructure Protection, presents a new opportunity to reduce cost, complexity and deliver a better overall security for the business.


In our upcoming webinar, we will review:

  • The challenges IT networking, security and Ops teams face with distributed network security stacks and Direct Internet Access.
  • How Firewall as a Service can address these challenges, and what are the required capabilities.
  • How Cato Networks protects enterprises in the cloud, simplifies network security and eliminates appliance footprint in remote locations.

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