SD-WAN and Beyond: What to Consider in a WAN Transformation?

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Companies should not be shortsighted when upgrading their WANs. It’s not “just” about cutting the cost of  their existing MPLS-based WANs. It’s also about looking forward and addressing the bigger challenges facing business around the cloud, mobility and more.

We’ll look at those challenges this week when long-time industry veteran and expert, Dr. Jim Metzler, joins us on our webinar “Critical Capabilities for a Successful WAN Transformation.” Dr. Metzler will share research from a recent study into the current drivers and inhibitors for WAN transformation and the deployment of SD-WAN. You can learn more about the webinar and register for it here.

Today’s business has evolved significantly since the adoption of MPLS-based WANs. Per user bandwidth consumption has likely grown significantly since your organization adopted an MPLS-based WAN. Fixed locations connected by MPLS services have given way to mobile users. Cloud services are as popular among users, if not more popular, than the corporate applications in the MPLS-connected, datacenters. Security threats have skyrocketed and so have the number of security appliances. No longer is there a safe corporate network and dangerous Internet, the perimeter is dissolved leaving just the network.

The WAN has not kept up with those changes. Internet bandwidth, for example, can be a tenth of MPLS circuit bandwidth. Provisioning MPLS circuits can take months while Internet connections can be provisioned in weeks. Mobile users and the cloud are ignored by MPLS. Jim will explore these and other issued in his research on the webinar.

SD-WANs address some of those challenges. They reduce bandwidth costs by leveraging Internet connections. They deploy faster and improve agility by also using self-provisioning technologies. They maintain availability and uptime, even with internet, by using multiple connections.  Ofir Agasi, our director of product marketing, will walk through the benefits of SD-WANs along with the best practices and core requirements for a successful SD-WAN project

At the same time, SD-WANs continue to struggle when solving the bigger challenges confronting your enterprise. Those challenges include support for mobile users and ever growing security costs. Ofir will provide you with a checklist of those challenges. He’ll also explain how you can maximize the business benefits of SD-WAN by converging networking, security, cloud and mobility.

If SD-WANs are an interest and concern for you or you’d like to fix some of the bigger challenges facing your IT teams, join us for the webinar. It should be an insightful and informative one.