[Webinar] Stop Appliance Sprawl & Traffic Backhauling

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We are excited to announce our November webinar, “Stop Appliance Sprawl & Traffic Backhauling”, live on November 8th and November 10th. Register using the link below.

Securing Internet access in the branch office is a tough trade-off between deploying security appliances everywhere or backhauling internet traffic to a secure location. Appliances at every remote location are hard to manage and maintain. They require configuration, periodic maintenance and are constrained by the hardware capacity and the security features that are used. Traffic backhauling overloads expensive MPLS links and could impact the user experience.

This webinar will go over:

  • The challenges of appliance based networking and security
  • The considerations for providing direct and secure internet access at remote locations
  • How you can connect branch offices and remote locations without the need for dedicated appliances or traffic backhauling

Follow this link to register >>>

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