How to Re-Evaluate Your Network Security Vendors

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Part 1: Why You Should Re-evaluate Your Network Security Vendor

Welcome to the most important blog post series that you will read all year! In this one-of-a-kind series, we will help C-Levels and directors reach better decisions regarding security strategy and choice of security vendor with the goal of making network security simpler, better and more affordable.

This first part in the blog series will cover why you should re-evaluate your network security vendor.

The drivers we see for re-evaluating security vendors are:

My Network Security Total cost of ownership: the capital and operational expenses associated with the incumbent solution vs the alternatives.

Network Security Solution’s Agility and Adaptability: how quickly the incumbent solution can adapt to emerging threat and incorporate new capabilities.

Support for evolving business requirements: how the current security solution supports new business requirements such as global expansion, Cloud-based resources, and the mobile workforce.

This last consideration is of strategic importance because it may require not just a technical comparison, but a rethinking of the overall network and security architecture for the business. Three forces are impacting the way we do business today: Globalization, Cloud, and Mobility.

Globalization: Network topology has become more complex as organizations need to connect multiple locations into a single global network and keep it secure. The challenges of securing such a complex network derive mostly from having to deploy multiple security solutions at each location separately.

Cloud: The increasing use of Cloud infrastructure and applications is loosening the grip on enterprise applications and data. Business critical information is now spread in multiple locations, some outside your control (like, within Amazon AWS or

Mobility: “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) is now a reality and the ability to control the devices or the way in which they are used, is severely restricted. You need to provide the mobile workforce with secure Cloud access to your enterprise applications and data.

In the next part of this series, we cover when you should re-evaluate your network security vendor.