How To Migrate to a Multi-Cloud Deployment

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As cloud migration becomes the norm for IT, enterprises of all sizes need to connect, secure and manage complex physical and cloud-based datacenters. What challenges will you face and how will you address them?

Join us on our upcoming webinar, “Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud: Securely Connecting Your Cloud Datacenters” as Hal Zamir, vice president of infrastructure for Spotad, explains how he delivered a global, multi-cloud, cloud network to enable Spotad’s self-learning, artificially intelligent mobile advertising technology.

During the webinar Zamir will speak about:

  • The connectivity and security challenges Spotad faced with its multi-cloud deployment.
  • The approaches Spotad considered – and rejected.
  • The three-step process Spotad went through when connecting its global organization to multiple, multi-region AWS VPCs.

Zamir will be joined by Ofir Agasi, director of product marketing at Cato Networks. Agasi will bring real customer examples showing how they extended their legacy WANs using a secure cloud network to include cloud infrastructure and enable global user access.

Migrating to the cloud is a significant challenge for most organizations especially when the migration involves multiple datacenters, mobile users and remote locations. Ensuring secure access to cloud assets with legacy networks often leads to two choices — backhauling cloud traffic to a central Internet access point or sending cloud traffic directly onto the Internet.

The former leads to trombone routing that degrades the user experience and the latter leads to  security point solutions with fragmented policy and no real visibility and control.  Zamir and Agasi will discuss a third alternative that suffers from none of these problems.

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