2018: Is Your WAN Ready?

It’s no secret. Regular readers of this blog know all too well what enterprises of all sizes are recognizing: the inefficiencies of legacy Wide Area Networks (WANs) making it difficult for many IT leaders to meet the needs of today’s business.  

Globalization, the move to cloud datacenter and applications, the increases in velocity of security threats — all demand that IT move faster and do more. Mobile users require security everywhere. Real-time applications, such as video and voice, continue to grow.  But legacy, carrier WAN services remain costly, taking too long to deploy, and poorly aligned with today’s Internet-first, traffic patterns.   

And, of course,  doing more means doing more with the same or fewer resources. It’s not enough to simply “go to the cloud” and adopt “cheap Internet.” IT leaders need to reduce costs, but they also need to maintain and improve security and availability. How can you best prepare your organization for 2018?

Find out as Jim Metzler founder of Ashton, Metzler & Associates will discuss his recent research, “The 2018 Guide to WAN Architecture and Design: Key Considerations when Choosing new WAN and Branch Office Solutions.” He’ll be joined by Ofir Agasi, Director of Product Marketing at Cato, who’ll discuss customer case studies and demo how Cato’s advanced SD-WAN features address some of the toughest challenges in building today’s network.

Join the webinar and learn:

  • The key WAN challenges facing IT managers and network professionals in 2018
  • Best practices and key considerations when evaluating existing and emerging technologies
  • How to implement an SD-WAN even when still under contract with your MPLS provider.
  • How  Cato enables you to rethink IT, improving IT service delivery and reducing costs.

You can learn more and register for the webinar here.