Top SD-WAN Events to Attend in 2018 and 2019

Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) has become a runaway success across all industry sectors. Analysts at IDC have estimated the SD-WAN gold rush will increase with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of almost 70 percent by 2021. Rapid adoption of a new methodology comes about for one reason — it works.

As a result,  SD-WAN-focused events and networking conferences with SD-WAN agenda items are happening across the globe. There are quite a few to choose from so we’ve put together a list of the more important ones you should attend in 2018.

SD-WAN Summit

When: 26-28 September

Where: Paris

It is only in its second year, but already the SD-WAN Summit is one of the biggest and best SD-WAN shows to attend in 2018. This year’s show is still being organized, but some examples from last year’s event demonstrate the richness of discussion and presentations. Talks such as “Defining Key SD-WAN Design Requirements” give practitioners invaluable expert advice on using SD-WAN in their own organization.

2017 talks were from experts such as:

Mike Fratto of GlobalData who analyzes the market and use cases around SD-WAN and;

Claudio Scola is the Director of Product Management at Tata Communications.

SDN NFV World Congress

When: 8-12 October

Where: The Hague, Netherlands

This conference is all about innovation in the world of carrier networking. As such, the conference offers tracks covering all areas of SD-WAN from a both business and technical standpoint. SDN NFV World Congress speakers and agenda is still being firmed up, but an example of a useful track form last year is now on YouTube “How SD-WAN impacts the enablement of NFV”.

Speakers from last year’s conference included:

Nathalie Amann, SDN NFV Program leader at Orange

Marco Murgia, Chief Architect, Citrix (responsible for SD-WAN architecture)

WAN Summit London

When: 17-18 October

Where: London, UK

Like its sister show in New York, this conference focuses on everything that is WAN, including SD-WAN. The show brings WAN experts together to share their insights on the development of SD-WAN networks and how enterprises are adapting WAN technology for cloud-based applications. While the 2018 agenda is being developed, check out some of last year’s speakers, including:

Marcel Koenig, Principal ICT Technology & Sourcing, Ancoma Network

Simon Lawrence, Group Manager, NS, EUS, EMEA Network Engineering, Bny Mellon (specialising in SD-WAN)

Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Data Center Summit

When: 26-27 November

Where: London, UK

Analyst firm, Gartner, is the host for this general networking event, which drills down into technology used across modern network infrastructures. The Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Data Center Summit covers everything from Cloud to IT Operations to emerging technology like SD-WAN. The conference is a mix of analyst speakers who specialize in infrastructure technology and an expo showcasing a variety of infrastructure tech vendors.

Speakers from last year’s conference included:

Admiral James Stavridis, U.S. Navy (Retired)r, who spoke on “The New Realities of 21st Century Security”

Brian Lowans, who specializes in data encryption and cloud data security.   

Metro Connect USA

When: 29-31 January 2019

Where: Miami, FL

This is an industry specific event for the telecommunications and fiber industry but has a focus on optimizing networking. Industry experts and hands-on practitioners talk about everything from current use cases to emerging trends in the world of networking. An interesting panel discussion to catch is “Understanding How SD-WAN Is Changing The Next Generation Of Metro Networks”.

Speakers to check out include:

Nitin Rao, VP – Infrastructure, CloudFlare

Frank Rey, Director, Global Network Acquisition, Microsoft

We hope this run-down of the best shows in the networking world gives you food for thought. SD-WAN is being adopted across industries. Keeping up with new use cases and models of operation is an important part of the role of the networking professional. Hopefully the events in 2018 will help you on the road to an optimized future.


When: 28-1 Feb 2019

Where: Fort Lauderdale, FL

SD-WAN Expo is a perfect meld of business and technical to allow you to find a fit for SD-WAN in your organization. The Expo is designed to allow fluid networking and most importantly, learning opportunities. The show has both a practical side as well as a future view. It is all about using the “industry to inform industry” and explore the true capabilities of SD-WAN. Interesting and useful talks to check out in this year’s conference include, “SD-WAN: Analyst Perspective” where you can get an insider view of what’s out there and where SD-WAN is going. Also check out “SDN and SD-WAN: What They Mean to Each Other to get a real handle on the capabilities of SD-WAN.

2018 talks were from these experts:

Eric Herzog CMO, Worldwide Storage Channels, IBM

John Burke, Principal Research Analyst & CIO, Nemertes Research

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