Can SD-WAN Services Meet the 6 Promises of SD-WAN?

Like so many areas of IT, networking was revolutionized by SD-WAN, which is now being delivered as a service. But with so many of the same services providers offering who delivered expensive and complex MPLS connectivity now providing SD-WAN connectivity, determining if an SD-WAN service will meet your requirements can be difficult.

Join our upcoming webinar and get help answering this dilemma as Yishay Yovel, Cato’s Vice President of marketing, walks through the differences between SD-WAN delivered as a managed service and SD-WAN delivered as a cloud-based service. Yishay brings more than 25 years of experience in defining and deploying enterprise IT software solutions and has helped countless enterprises with their SD-WAN strategies.

SD-WAN is meant to be transformative, delivering on 6 promises — simplicity, agility, security, optimized delivery, global connectivity, and affordability.  More specifically that means answering fundamental questions about the SD-WAN service:

  • Will the SD-WAN be self-service or work like an MPLS where you still need to open a ticket for every move, add, and change?
  • Will security be built into the service so your branches can safely leverage the very technology that enables much of SD-WAN’s cost savings  and agility — direct Internet access?
  • How will you connect to remote and international locations? Will you still need to use expensive MPLS to guarantee latency and packet loss to those sites or can you use  an affordable MPLS alternative to eliminate recurring costs altogether?

During this webinar, Yishay will explain why realizing this transformative impact isn’t always possible with SD-WAN service.  

He’ll share a vision of an SD-WAN service designed for the cloud. He’ll define an SD-WAN architecture that converges global backbone, firewall as a service, edge and global optimization, and self-service management to redefine enterprise networking. Finally, he’ll provide real-life examples and case studies of how enterprises use Cato Networks’ SD-WAN to securely connect their locations, mobile users, and cloud resources.

Join us on October 25th or October 26th for this thought provoking webinar. Sign up here.

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