Top Webinars on SD-WAN Technology and Solutions

According to a report from Forrester, 90% of Network Managers are looking to evolve their WAN with a software-defined approach.  IT Managers and business leaders may find it hard to find time to attend conferences, and webinars are a great alternative to stay current on the latest technologies.  Below are valuable on-demand webinars that answer crucial questions about growing SD-WAN technology. Each webinar provides insight into different SD-WAN topics for IT leaders to consider.

The Case for Taking Networking and Security to The Cloud

Hardware-based infrastructures are being increasingly challenged to adequately address cloud migration and a mobile workforce.  Hardware-based infrastructures are also plagued by connectivity charges, appliance upgrades, software updates, and vulnerability patching. This webinar explains how Cato’s Cloud-based Secure Network offers a simple and affordable platform to securely connect all parts of an enterprise into a unified SD-WAN network with direct impact on your business.

MPLS, SD-WAN and Cloud Networks: The path to a better, secure and more affordable WAN

In this webinar, enterprise networking expert Dr. Jim Metzler from Webtorials, and Yishay Yovel, VP Marketing at Cato Networks, discuss the options available to enterprise IT networking and security teams to architect a secure WAN.  This includes incorporating Cloud infrastructure and the Mobile Workforce into the WAN, and using advancements in Cloud services, agile software, and affordable Internet capacity to optimize and reduce the costs of the WAN. Find out how you can take advantage of the latest capabilities to optimize and secure your regional, national, or global network.

Stop Appliance Sprawl and Traffic Backhauling

You know the challenges of appliance based networking and security.  Branch office appliances have limited capacity, preventing the use of many of its features when traffic volumes increase or rule sets gro. This webinar discusses providing direct and secure Internet access at remote locations, and explores how you can connect branch offices and remote locations without dedicated appliances or traffic backhauling.

SD-WAN and Beyond: Critical Capabilities for a Successful WAN Transformation

Now is the time to address the changing role of the WAN as enterprises increasingly move to the cloud, expand the mobile workforce, and require a secure path to the Internet.  Join enterprise networking expert and analyst Jim Metzler and Ofir Agasi, Director of Product Marketing at Cato Networks, as they discuss a survey of WAN professionals regarding the current drivers and inhibitors for WAN transformation and the deployment of SD-WAN. They also discuss best practices and core requirements for a successful SD-WAN project, and how the convergence of networking, security, cloud, and mobility can maximize the business benefits of SD-WAN.

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud: Securely Connecting Your Cloud Datacenters

In this webinar, discover the answer to “How can organizations securely connect all resources when multiple datacenters, mobile users, and remote locations are involved?”

Hai Zamir, VP of Infrastructure at SpotAd and Ofir Agasi, Director of Product Marketing at Cato Networks discuss the connectivity and security challenges of building a hybrid and/or multi-cloud.  Find out how SpotAd connected its global organization to multiple, multi-region AWS VPCs, and learn about real customer examples of extending the legacy WAN using a secure cloud network to include cloud infrastructure and enable global user access.

SD-WANs: What Do Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Really Need to Know?

Since the introduction of software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have had to consider a vast array of features targeted and designed for large organizations. Watch this webinar to learn what capabilities an SME really needs to consider when evaluating an SD-WAN.  Steve Garson, President of SD-WAN Experts, and David Greenfield, secure networking evangelist from Cato Networks, will answer some of the fundamental questions SMEs face when they evaluate SD-WANs. Learn the differences between bonding and SD-WAN, service insertion, which load balancing type is right for your business, various application performance and feature options, and security considerations.

What SD-WAN Vendors Won’t Tell You About SD-WANs

Take a hard look at the myths and realities of SD-WAN.  Steve Garson, President of SD-WAN Experts, discusses the practical questions you should ask when evaluating any SD-WAN.  Learn what aspects of network performance SD-WAN can really improve, and when service insertion and service chaining is needed.  Discover why security is still a problem for SD-WAN (even though traffic is encrypted), and whether SD-WAN can really reduce WAN costs.

5 Ways to Architect Your WAN for Microsoft Office 365

As companies shift to the cloud, many are embracing Microsoft Office 365.  Take a practical look at how to build the right WAN for your Office 365 deployment and what the best practices are for deploying Office 365 across the WAN.  Learn why traditional networks are a poor fit for Office 365 and what components of Office 365 cause problems for networks and why. The webinar also discusses 5 architectures for deploying Office 365 and how they differ in terms of security, performance, reliability, and costs.

Delivering on the 6 Promises of SD-WAN

SD-WAN promises to make your network simple, agile, secure, optimized, global, and affordable.  However, there are challenges in realizing the transformative impact of SD-WAN on your network. Discover how a new SD-WAN architecture converges global backbone, firewall as a service, edge optimization, and self-service management to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of enterprise networking.  You will also hear real-life examples of how enterprises of all sizes use Cato Networks’ SD-WAN to securely connect their global and regional locations, mobile users, and cloud resources.

Want to Learn More?

Cato’s secure and global SD-WAN enables customers to eliminate multiple point products and the cost, complexity, and risk associated with maintaining them. WAN transformation presents a full roadmap for streamlining the networking and security infrastructure of your organization. Stay up-to-date with the latest blogs on current WAN technologies to help your business reduce costs, improve user experience, and simplify administration.