How to improve mobile access to AWS, Office 365, and the rest of the cloud

Not so long ago, an “android” meant “robot,” and our applications lived in physical datacenters. Mobile access, I mean “remote access,” was an afterthought. Those users who would “telecommute” suffered with multiple identities — one for the road and one for the office.

As mobility and the cloud have become the norm, thinking of them as afterthoughts no longer makes sense. A mobile-cloud first strategy is needed. And yet adopting such an approach can be difficult if not impossible for traditional mobile (remote) access architectures.

To better understand why, we developed the “Mobile Access Optimization and Security for the Cloud Era” eBook. You can download it here.

Today, far too many threats can be delivered into your enterprise through unprotected mobile devices. Management and compliance is also challenging without visibility into mobile traffic. Secure mobile access is critical, but only possible with user cooperation. Too often, though, mobile users find mobile VPNs sluggish, particularly when accessing the cloud. They end up reverting to direct Internet access, compromising security, visibility, and control .

Performance isn’t the only issue.  Maintaining separate mobile and fixed identities makes life more complex for users (think, more help desk calls for password resets) and IT professionals (think, time spent configuring and maintaining separate access policies, for example).

Think that’s all? Hardly. There are hosts of specific issues depending if mobile users access physical datacenters, cloud datacenters, or cloud applications. Which is why we’ve created this in-depth eBook. Some of the issues you’ll learn include:

  • The performance and security challenges when accessing Office 365, AWS or the rest of the cloud.
  • How to secure mobile access to the cloud and improve the mobile experience.
  • Why converging SD-WAN, security, and mobility makes so much sense

And much, much more. The detailed checklist walks through each secure mobile access approach in, well, detail. It’s a great resource that is sure to shorten and improve your mobile access evaluation process.

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