AdRoll: How to Improve Contractor Management and Mobile Access to the Cloud

Customer Case Study

As companies embrace contractors and the “gig economy,” IT professionals need to reconsider their approach to mobility and access. Providing outside contractors with mobile access presents a range of IT challenges.

Processes need to be put into place for quickly provisioning remote users. Accommodations must be made for devices IT cannot vet nor manage. Just the right level of access needs to be provided to an ever changing stream of users. De-provisioning these users and revoking access must be equally simple.

Existing appliance-based, mobile security solutions often miss the mark. They require new management, provisioning and security software distinct from that which is in place with the WAN. Defining access rights in particular is an issue. “Traditional [mobile] VPNs mean opening the door to everything [on the network],” says Adrian Dunne, global director of IT at AdRoll, a leading marketing technology provider. Dunne’s team manages a global network with 350 offsite contractors constituting about half of its workforce and three datacenters in Amazon AWS.

Restricting access for those contractors was just one part of the challenge that ultimately led him to selecting Cato Cloud as his SD-WAN and mobile access solution. Resiliency issues had crippled his network at one time or another. User experience was suffering due to the networking architecture. Onboarding new users was cumbersome.

With Cato he addressed those issues and gained deeper insight into how all users access his cloud resources. “Now we can see who’s connecting when and how much traffic is being sent, information that was unavailable with our previous VPN provider,” he says.

Learn about how he confronted his mobile his challenge and how his experience with Cato Cloud can help you dramatically improving his network and mobile user experience. Read his story here.