The SD-WAN Buyer Collection: EBooks and the Guru Test for Building Tomorrow’s Backbone, Today

So you’ve decided to get off your MPLS service, but “To what?” is the question. What are the issues to consider when re-evaluating MPLS – and its successor? To answer those and other questions, we’ve put together an ebook extravaganza, packed with helpful tips and insights. Think you’ve mastered SD-WAN? Take the Cato Quiz and find out if you’re really a Guru.

The eBooks start with the reevaluation of your MPLS provider, consider the alternatives, and wrap up with a look at the new WAN:

How to Re-Evaluate your MPLS Provider

Stop fielding complaints about Internet and cloud performance. In this e-book, we’ll talk about the “sins” of Internet backhaul and why it’s so damaging to your network. Then we’ll dig into the three approaches to solving the problem. There are four key network design considerations to keep in mind — availability, capacity, latency, and security. We’ll discuss each of those and provide a concise comparison table comparing MPLS, traditional SD-WAN and cloud-based SD-WAN. Get the full details here.

MPLS, SD-WAN and the Promise of N+SaaS

Today’s WANs face all sorts of challenges — bandwidth, costs, visibility, and more — some of which are addressed by SD-WANs. But even with traditional SD-WANs, companies still find that visibility and control are constrained to their sites, failing to accommodate some of the biggest trends of the modern business. Guaranteed performance, cloud resources, mobile users, advanced security — these issues are left unaddressed by traditional SD-WANs. We’ll explore the challenges facing MPLS, which ones are addressed by traditional SD-WANs, and how a different kind of SD-WAN architecture can fill the gaps. Click here for the free download.

The New WAN: Why the Private Internet Will Replace MPLS

Backbone conversations put IT in a pickle: choose MPLS and suffer its high costs, lack of agility, and unsuitability for the Internet and the cloud or choose the public Internet and suffer its poor performance, instability, and lack of security. But there’s a third choice – an SLA-backed, global network with the price of Internet with the predictability of MPLS. We’ll take a close look at the “UberNet” and how it compares with MPLS and the Internet. Get your personal copy here.

Once you’ve completed your studies, test your knowledge with the Cato Quiz. It’s a light-hearted, 8 question evaluation of your success. Check it out and be sure to shout out your grade on Twitter.