New Forrester Report: Merging Network and Security in the Age of Covid

Forrester Networking & Security
Forrester Networking & Security
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If you’re looking for more incisive perspective on the trend towards merging WAN and security in the cloud, check out Forrester’s January 21 report, Introducing the Zero Trust Model for Security and Network Services by analysts David Holmes and Andre Kindness.

Even if you’ve already digested Gartner’s SASE reports (and our numerous blogs), this one is worth a read. Forrester analysts tackle the impact of the post Covid-19 enterprise where some 50 percent of employees are expected to work from home. The report also includes some keen insights on a new network and security model for the Internet of Things (IoT), in addition to mobile and cloud computing.

Forrester has coined its own acronym for the future of the enterprise, the Zero Trust Edge (ZTE). The opener doesn’t pull any punches, stating that enterprise need to “Merge Security and Networking or Sunset Your Business.” The report goes on to outline the challenges on the way to ZTE.

According to Forrester, the Zero Trust Edge model aspires to be a cloud- or edge-hosted full security stack and network solution. Says Forrester, “A Zero Trust edge solution securely connects and transports traffic, using Zero Trust access principles, in and out of remote sites leveraging mostly cloud-based security and networking services.” ZTE solutions must merge all those disparate security appliances and functions formerly in data centers and branch offices into the cloud where configurations can be altered, added, and deleted based on a single configuration management solution and benefit from cloud-based monitoring and analysis. A single security and network solution reduces both configuration errors and operating inefficiencies compared to multiple on-premises security appliances.

Cato is mentioned prominently as the only example in the report of a cloud-delivered ZTE service. The report notes that the Cato approach “offers all the value that organizations can get from software-as-a-service solutions,” and will “fit the needs of many organizations.” It helps that Cato not only brings its unique network and security solution to branch offices, cloud services, IoT, and datacenters but to mobile and home users as well, as Forrester predicts that securing remote workers is the most compelling initial use case for ZTE.

Download a free copy of the new Forrester report here.


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