Top 10 Network Security Conferences in Europe

Keeping up to date with changes in cybersecurity is an ongoing process. The security landscape adapts and changes rapidly as cybercriminals find new techniques to attack enterprise networks. One of the best ways of staying up to date with the latest developments in the threat landscape is by attending industry events and conferences. Europe has a number of security conferences that offer expert talks, seminars, and workshops, as well as exhibitions showcasing some of the most innovative companies in the space. Check out the list below and add the dates to your diary for 2018.

  1. Infosecurity Europe

When: 5-7 June

Where: London, UK

Infosecurity Europe is one of the longest running and largest cybersecurity conferences, with multiple events across the globe each year. The conference attracts hundreds of vendors who showcase their products on the expo floor. There are also educational sessions and workshops on cybersecurity issues by renowned experts in the field. In past years, security experts such as Bruce Schneier, Graham Cluley, and Jack Daniel have given talks. In 2018, the exhibition promises to have well over 110 network security focused vendors. Be sure to join the talk being given by Cato security researcher, Avidan Avraham, and head of security research, Elad Menahem, as they explain a new approach for detecting malware and C&C traffic without the use of signatures.

  1. BSides London

When: 6 June

Where: London, UK

The BSides London InfoSec conference is returning to London for the 8th time with the theme “BreachDay Clock: Two Minutes to Midnight”. With the conference coming up in less than a month, there’s still no public list of speakers, but the 2017 BSides London event included exciting talks including “Hacking just like the Movies” and “Small Time Currency Mining Botnets.”

  1. RSA Unplugged

When: 7 June

Where: London, UK

RSA Unplugged is a more casual version of the famous RSA Security Conference. If 2017 is anything to go by, the 2018 RSA Unplugged conference should be an excellent place to get up close and personal with specialists in network security. 2017 sessions covered diverse areas from insider threats to the use of AI by cybercriminals to a lighter look at ransomware and IoT hacks. Although the agenda isn’t set yet, you can still register interest.

4. Nuit du Hack

When: 30 June- 1 July

Where:  Paris, France

Inspired by DEFCON in the United States Nuit du Hack is open to anyone interested in hacking and tech. There are both French and English talks, with the overall goal being to “strive for better understanding and continuous improvement of security systems using new technologies”. The talks in English include topics such as vehicle security and quantum key distribution systems.

  1.  IP EXPO Europe 2018

When: 3-4 October

Where: London, UK

IP EXPO Europe is one of the largest IT events in Europe, with dozens of industry leaders and exhibitors in attendance. The EXPO is broken up into a number of different categories, including “Cyber Security Europe” with speakers from a wide array of IT and security fields. Last year’s speakers included Rohit Ghai, the president of RSA and Brad Anderson, VP of Enterprise Mobility at Microsoft. The 2018 EXPO still hasn’t published their list of speakers, but expect big names to present this year as well.

  1. CyberSec

When 8-9 October

Where: Krakow, Poland

The CyberSec forum is all about creating processes and collaboration based on a European wide cybersecurity cooperation. The conference brings together experts from across all areas of cybersecurity to debate and discuss topical and emerging areas of interest. The conference is still firming up speakers, but interviews with some of 2017 experts can be seen online.

  1. DevSecCon London

When: 18-19 October

Where: London, UK

The yearly DevSecCon conference in London brings together some of the world’s biggest stars in the world of DevOps, security, and development. Last year’s keynote address was given by Daniel Cuthbert, the Global Head of Cyber Security Research at Santander Bank. His talk focused on ‘Why developers are more important now than ever before’. Other speakers included Tim Kadlec, former Head of Developer Relations at Snyk, speaking about ‘Securing a Third Party Web’ and Christoph Hartmann, Lead Engineer at Chef, on ‘DevSec: Continuous Compliance’.

  1. DeepSec

When: 27-30 Nov

Where: Vienna, Austria

DeepSec is a non-vendor event that promises to consider speaking proposals from anyone with something interesting to say on cybersecurity and with an emphasis on finding new talent. This year’s speakers lineup has yet to be published, but interviews and slides from the 2017 conference can be found on the DeepSec blog.

  1. Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2018

When: 12-14 November

Where: Berlin, Germany

The Cybersecurity Leadership Summit is a three day cybersecurity get-together focusing on “trends, hypes and evolving threats”. Topics range from protecting industrial systems to cryptocurrency, with confirmed speakers including Michael Meli, CISO at Bank Julius Baer, and Dr. Danny Hughes, CTO at VersaSense. If you’re interested in contributing as well, there is a call for speakers still open here.

  1. Nordic IT Security

When: 15 November

Where:  Stockholm, Sweden

Now in its 11th year, the Nordic IT Security workshop 2018 is focusing on “democracy, human rights, and internet governance.” The one-day event includes a speech by Bob Flores, former CTO at the CIA, and Dr. Jonathan Reichental, the CIO/CTO of the City of Palo Alto. Focusing on public cybersecurity, it promises to offer a different perspective than many of the other events, and is a must attend for anyone involved in government cybersecurity.

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